What if your child was trusted to follow their unique passions and curiosities?

What if they were acknowledged for their genius, and encouraged to find their calling and change the world in a profound way?

Would their future change? Would our world benefit?

Read on to learn more about how to launch a Hero’s Journey for you child and your family.

A 21st century school in Cornwall, ON

Blue Sky is part of the Acton Academy network – a network of true learner-driven micro schools started in Austin, Texas in 2009 – and considered by many to be a leading model of K-12 innovation globally.

We believe it is the most nurturing, deep-learning, learner-driven environment in the world, and we're thrilled to share it with intentional families in our community.

What Makes Blue Sky Different?

At Blue Sky...

  • Learners do challenging work at their own pace
  • No assigned homework
  • Learners earn points for effort and badges for mastery
  • Learners teach themselves and each other
  • School like a journey, with adventure, fellow travelers, guides and challenges
  • Learners solve their own problems and learn to govern themselves
  • Learners working together and collaborating
  • Important discussions about becoming a hero and changing the world

At Traditional Schools...

  • Everyone learns the same information at the same time
  • Teachers assigning homework
  • Students receive letter grades to measure success
  • One teacher lectures to many students
  • School like a factory with bells, shifts, and one-size-fits-all
  • Teachers are the authority
  • Rows of desks face a teacher at the blackboard
  • Memorization of information for test taking

Experience how Acton is transforming education in this independent, award-winning documentary.

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The Four Pillars of our Learning Design


A Learner-Driven Community.

Serious commitments; genuine relationships; authentic accountability.


Powerful Interactive Technology.

Self-paced learning for Reading, Writing and Math.


The Socratic Method.

Critical thinking skills and forging character.


Real-World Quests and Apprenticeships.

Hands-on learning for 21st Century skills.

Our Philosopy of Learning

We believe that learning to learn, learning to do, and learning to be are far more important than learning to know.

Learn to Do

What skills do you need to change the world? At Acton, every day we're standing in the shoes of doctors, designers, presidents, and builders, learning the skills and tools that heroes have mastered. We call it a Quest.

Learn to Learn

The world is changing fast. The skills of tomorrow aren't the skills of today. Take with you a DIY toolbox of curiosity, grit, trial-and-error, joy, and perseverance. You've confronted new things before. You can learn anything.

Learn to Be

No other accomplishment matters unless you've built a life you're proud of. Have you become a good person? What relationships have you nurtured? What habits have become part of your character?

Find out if Blue Sky is the right fit for your family:

Health and Wellness

All Public Health Ontario, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Eastern Ontario Health Unit recommendations and requirements for schools to reopen for September 2021 have been incorporated into our policies and procedures for operation. Any updates will be posted here as necessary.

Here is the link to the screening tool for Covid 19 symptoms that must be completed daily by students and staff: https://covid-19.ontario.ca/school-screening/


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